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stry Corporation of China. Larry Williams, the president of Henniges, said the change of ownership allowed

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the auto parts supplier to adopt a long-term development goal a▓nd grow at a much quicker pace. The capi

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tal investment provided the company with an opportunity to expand abroad and add jobs at its U.S. facili

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ties.Williams said that Henniges added three new plants in ▓the past two and a half years under the current ownership, c▓o

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mpared with two new plants added in more than a decade when the compan▓y was under the previous ownership.Many similar stor

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ies could be told by auto companies in Michigan ▓and beyond, where the stronger-than-ever foreign presence has brought bene

als and is aiming

fits to U.S. com▓panies, workers and consumers alike.The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) is holding public hearings on Aug. 20-24, and on Aug. 27, regarding proposed tariffs on approximately 200 billion dollars wo

rth of Chinese products.According to the USTR, the proposed tariffs are a supplement▓al action in response to China's unfair trade practices rel▓ated

to technology transfer, intellectual property, and innovation, based on findings in its in

to hire more t▓han 10 times

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